Yoga Ethics: Meditations on Self & Society

Sundays, Summer of 2023 (Dates TBA)
12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. EST

Join Amita’s 11-week Zoom series
Yoga Ethics: Meditations on Self and Society.

  • This course teaches meditation techniques and facilitates discussions on Decolonization of Yoga Philosophy
  •  Learn about the 8-Limb System of Yoga as it creates personal and social improvements through a decolonized lens
  • Understand Yoga Ethics with a methodical exploration of each of the 5 Yama and the 5 Niyama
  • Meet like-minded people through deep facilitated discussions
  • Take the time to learn a new meditation technique each class, designed as a unique way to unify the week’s theme

Yoga Ethics: Meditations on Self and Society at 12 p.m. every Sunday afternoon:

  1. The System of Decolonized Yoga: Yama Niyama, Patanjali’s 8 Limbs
  2. Yama: Social Ethics 1: Ahimsa
  3. Social Ethics 2: Satya
  4. Social Ethics 3: Asteya
  5. Social Ethics 4: Bramacharya
  6. Social Ethics 5: Aparigraha
  7. Niyama: Personal Ethics 1: Saucha
  8. Personal Ethics 2: Santosha
  9. Personal Ethics 3: Tapas
  10. Personal Ethics 4: Svadhya
  11. Personal Ethics 5: Ishvar Pranidhana

For your comfort:

  • A seat (supportive chair/cushion/rolled up towel)
  • Warmth (blanket/sweater/socks)
  • Any props required for a specific session will be mentioned to you in class and via email the week previous, so you have lots of time to prepare 
  • Always bring a friendly demeanor and curious mind, ready to participate or sit back and let it percolate

Price: $25/each class or $250 for all 11 classes. E-transfer payments to [email protected] with purple as the answer to your security question.

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