Amita’s Art of Alignment

Amita is an internationally Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance with over 5-years’ experience. She is passionately composing a ground-breaking master’s thesis on Decolonized Yoga Philosophy at York University in Canada. She strives to show that learning these principals increases confidence, capacity and a sense of purpose.

The foundation of Amita’s work teaches Yoga as a progressive system that encourages self-governing on a personal and social level. Motivated by her own trauma recovery process, she has devoted her life to teaching theories and techniques to increase resiliency. Amita’s customized lessons cultivate integration on all aspects of life. Mental, emotional and physical alignment is approached with methods that combine interdisciplinary resources and research.  

“There is an undeniable inter-reliant relationship between adaptable, hearty living things and a healthy planet. As social, conscious beings, it is the responsibility of each one of us to improve humanity by actively amplifying our resilience with awareness.”

~ Amita, “Yoga Ethics Lecture” at George Brown College