Founder and CEO Amita Amy Agrawal opened Jeweller Next Door almost two years ago as an avenue to sell her original artwork. She had worked in the jewellery industry for many years, with access to loose gems and broken pieces.  These broken pieces take a lot of energy to melt down and form into more jewellery, so, paired with her self-taught passion for painting and her Alumna Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility at Trent University, she decided to develop a technique to re-use these salvaged precious materials as accents to her miniature paintings. Since the gems and other precious materials add specific value to her artwork they are sold with appraisal evaluating the quality of the painting itself as well as all gemstone accents.

Amita’s vision for The Jeweller Next Door is to provide feel good fashion accessories and fair priced fine jewellery, while maintaining a friendly atmosphere and fun experience. “I have been privileged to have had the opportunity to travel; finding singular and beautiful objects which I bring back to Canada and meet interesting people all the while.”  the shop owner says.

Now, at her Chemong Road location, she sells her art along with a selection of fine 10K/14K gold and sterling silver gemstone jewellery, and an eclectic variety of fashion and home accessories curated from independent vendors and marketplaces around the world.  “My customers really appreciate the extra effort I will put in to help them find just the right item, be it a scarf, a purse, a hat or birthday present for that hard-to-buy-for someone, so they tell their friends to come to my store to get the same one-on-one service and selection.”

Behind the storefront at The Jeweller Next Door is an overflowing hidden treasure trove. From Amita’s paintings to the jewellery and accessories that fill her shop, there is always something new to discover. “There is something here for every woman, from age 4 to 104, whether they prefer something delicate, bold, simple or glamorous,” says Ms. Agrawal. “Peterborough needed an reasonable jewellery and accessories store and I am happy my shop fills that space in market, while adding my own stylistic international flare/twist/pizzazz.”

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